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What do you do when you have depression? No really. You get the pills, the therapy, the support… But what do you do then?


I live in the UK. I have been struggling with the journey that is accepting and recovering from depression. Otherwise known as living with the black dog.

And my response to the challenge of starting to live: get a puppy. A beautiful cockapoo called Poppy – fondly called Poopy – my other (literal) black dog.

Why black dog?

Depression is often called “the black dog” and this WHO video explains living with it better than anyone.

I believe that there are more people out there living with depression than we realise. It creeps up on you and a lot of the time, you still just about function. The problem? You’re functioning without living. AND your brain is telling you it doesn’t matter anyway.

My black dog was huge for a while and although smaller, it may never go away. Now, I hope to get it down to a teeny pocket sized version, so I can enjoy life with my partner and focus more on the real pup.

So read on!

Having come from a family with black humour, I portray a real experience to living with mental health and give advice for first time puppy parents.

And for everyone – you will learn one new fact, thank your lucky stars you don’t have pets or children… and maybe even smile.