New Blogger Seeks Go-Getting Allies

Mental health? Puppies? What is this blog all about?

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Becca and Poppy

Hello and welcome! To get the full story on myself and the start of My Two Black Dogs – see the About tab above. Basically, it sprang from my mind while I was at home, doing some social media for businesses while working out what to do next.

I have neglected to mention so far, I was a doctor six months ago. Yep, a practising clinician in the real world. And just starting out in my career, it should’ve been the best time in life but it wasn’t, frankly.

So, I’d had the thought that we all have – I can write, right?

Well I’m giving it a go now. After many months with a depression diagnosis (also known as ‘living with the black dog’) and a mere few weeks of puppy parenting under my belt, I felt like I had a lot to give you. Advice, support. What do you need?

TELL ME, TALK TO ME. There’s no way I want this venture to be one way.

To start as an introduction: I’m motherly, sarcastic, practical and have a puppy, no kids and a wonderful best friend and partner, who is wacky enough to be here for the ride.


Now it’s your turn. Are you suffering with mental health? What keeps you going? Or do you just REALLY love dogs?

I see this blog being filled one day by upbeat, positive and go-getting people from anywhere in the world.

Preferably animal lovers but not essential.

Likes to be in and appreciate the outdoors.

SOH is crucial.

Mostly… you’ve just got to be a life lover, a creative or someone who thinks with their heart.

Despite living with the bad black dog, I believe that the other one – my black puppy – has given me a new lease of life and a way to stop only existing and start living. Sympathise with this and we’ll get along just fine.

Comment down here… Introduce yourself!

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  1. This is great! I think mental health is such an important issue to be open about. It’s stigmatized in so many ways when it shouldn’t be. Welcome to the world of blogging! Can’t wait read more!!


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